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Assembling Your Finances

Assembling Your Finances

is a dynamic, hands-on workshop that provides you with tangible skills and practical knowledge to assess and control all the interconnected pieces of your money management.

In three sessions over 3 weeks, including homework between classes, you will be guided to establish (or re-establish) a clear, concise and comprehensive system for managing every aspect of our personal finances.

The Assembling Your Finances course is...

  • Engaging
  • Unbiased
  • Factual
  • Applicable
  • Motivating

Consciously (or . . .) you’ve made many financial decisions based upon your own motives. So, too, have banks, stores, legislators, and all the other actors who share the grand stage of our economy. Assembling Your Finances’ approach to teaching money management focuses on describing, decoding and demystifying those motives so that you will have the knowledge and skills to make the best decisions for YOUR own situation and needs.

Assembling Your Finances does not recycle old, pre-packaged answers or dreary statistics about what you should have done with your money ten years ago.

To the contrary: the Assembling Your Finances curriculum teaches fundamental financial assessment skills that can be used today and forward in our ever changing economy. Equally important, the course teaches you how to:

  • honestly assess your financial situation and create motivators for improvement / change
  • evaluate financial costs, offers & choices
  • establish and audit a money management system

For more information, the workbook's Preface provides detailed descriptions of the workshop's design, approach and perspectives.